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Without a test, it’s just a guess. The importance of a movement assessment

Ever wonder where to start with your training program? Which drills will be of most benefit?

Are my injuries or daily postures creating any compensations? These are all key questions that need to be answered in order to succeed in your fitness journey.

Well, without a test it’s just a guess. And that's the reason why a movement assessment is essential as a starting point and used as a measuring stick during your training. Advance Form Fitness begins all training programs with a TPI, FMS or FST screen. We can accurately establish baselines for mobility, stability, strength, speed and postural capacity. The data collected is related back to your fitness goals, sports requirements and are used to build the most effective and appropriate fitness solutions. That way you can stay confident and motivated with a safe and progressive program. So don’t leave your training results to chance.

Get assessed and move in the right direction immediately.


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