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ELDOA Method

A series of postures and myofascial stretches used to decompress joints along the spine, hips, shoulders and neck.  It targets the fascial network with a focus on deep consistent breathing.

Fascia, joint decompression and range of motion.

ELDOA is a great modality that focuses on restoring joint mobility and muscle activation. 

By using specific postures and myofascial stretches, ELDOA sessions can release tension in your connective tissue (fascia) by creating traction and opening up space between various joints throughout the body. It was developed by French osteopath Guy Voyer and was originally centered around the spine but has now developed protocols for hips, shoulders and neck. Diaphragmatic breathing also plays a pivotal role. Fascia has thousands of neural connections to muscles, therefore, efficient breathing patterns will create a positive nervous system response. If the CNS, which controls the muscular system, can connect to the physical demands of each movement and postures then your body will begin to reduce tension along this global network, normalize muscle activation and increase joint articulation.   

This challenging and effective modality is sure to dive deep into your mind and body.

45 min session – $80

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