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My Story

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Eric Bols

I have always been fascinated by the physical capacity athletes display in order to achieve gold performances in their given sport.  Meeting and learning about people's journey towards their personal fitness goals continues to fuel my drive and passion as a personal trainer and performance coach.

I’ve been a fitness professional for 15 years and founded Advance Form Fitness in 2012.

My goal is to teach my clients how to increase their movement capacity, optimize power in their given sport or activity while reducing pain and avoiding injuries. 

The Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) and Functional Movement Systems (FMS) training protocols enable me to assess exercise technique, identify physical limitations and customize fitness solutions based on the data collected and goals established. 

I believe that incorporating Fascial Stretching Therapy (FST) and ELDOA postures into all programs can unlock a clients true movement potential by reducing tension along the fascial networks that affect all joints, muscles and range of motion. 

When used together, these modalities create a system that allows everyone the opportunity to build a solid foundation of mobility and stability before other complex movements or sports requirements are implemented. 

This system ensures you have the safest and most effective training program necessary to achieve your fitness goals while reducing your chances of injury.

I look forward to working with you.


Personal trainer/coach with 15yrs experience

TPI Fitness Professional Level 3 – Titleist Performance Institute

FST Level 1 – Fascial Stretch Therapy

ELDOA certified for golf & rotational sport (TPI)

FMS Level 2 specialist – Functional Movement Systems

CSEP Certified Personal Trainer – Canadian Society of Exercise Physiologists

M.A.T Jumpstart practitioner- Muscle Activation Techniques

RTS 123 – Resistance Training Specialist

Fitness & Lifestyle Management – George Brown College 2008

Business Administration & Professional Golf Management – Humber College 2000


And most importantly, I am a proud father, family man and golf fanatic.

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