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Golf & Rotational Sports

A Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) golf specific movement screen is used to set baselines for mobility, stability, strength and speed relating to golf performance.  

Mind-Body Connection.

If you play sports and are wondering how to improve your performance, you need to be aware of the mind-body connection.  You need to develop subconscious control of your movement patterns with a balanced training approach. 

Your body’s physical limitations will always dictate how it performs.

If you are always fighting what the body naturally wants to do, then you will struggle with the physical requirements necessary to move powerfully and efficiently. 

Once you can gain control of how your body moves and recruits muscles then you'll be well ahead in your performance outcomes. This is especially true with golf. 

A Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) movement assessment will collect this data and provide a baseline for specialized programs needs starting with re-balancing the body’s asymmetries.  Once that process is in motion, you can layer in the most effective drills and routines necessary to build your foundation and maximize your movement potential.  

As you progress, your body will begin to understand how to provide more power, speed and sequence to your sport or activity. 

Then you can truly be in the moment and perform.

1 hour - $120

6 session package $600

6 session package – includes initial assessment, 5 sessions to learn 2 programs specific to your goals, online app access

10 session package (optimal for results) – includes initial TPI screen (week 1 and 8), 1-2 sessions per week, program development, online exercise library – price varies per package based on session length

"Working with Eric has transformed the way I train. Full Stop. He has helped me to better understand connections in the body, balance in movement and how to build strength from the core outward. I feel stronger, healthier and more resilient than ever.  I’m also hitting the ball further on the golf course which doesn’t hurt either. His approach is flexible and tailored to your needs and the results speak for themselves." – Tim M

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