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Strength & Conditioning

All sessions begin with a movement assessment to review exercise technique, determine baselines for strength, mobility, movement capacity and establish goals. 

Why is fitness so important in life and sport?

As we all know by now, an athlete's fitness level plays a major role in their ability to perform at the highest level. It also affect the general population's quest for longevity and overall quality of life. So taking command should be top of mind if you want a prime life or athletic dominance. Building a foundation of mobility and stability are essential in order to progress to strength, speed, dynamic and sport specific protocols.  Once movement and muscle awareness become subconscious, a client can start to feel more connected and know how to use their body as the power source.  That is where fitness gains are optimized and performance maximized in your given sport or activity.

So don’t leave these results to chance. Get assessed, build your foundation and unleash your full potential.

1 hour - $120

6 session package $600

6 session package – includes initial assessment, 5 sessions to learn 2 programs specific to your goals, online app access

10 session package (optimal for results) – includes initial movement screen (week 1 and 8), 1-2 sessions per week, program development, online exercise library – price varies per package based on session length

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