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Fascial Stretch Therapy

A mobility restoration system aimed at reducing tension along the global network of connective tissue.

ELDOA Method

Specific postures and myofascial stretches used to decompress joints along the spine, hips, shoulders and neck.

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Strength & Conditioning

Perfect the fundamentals of movement to optimize sport specific performance, achieve fitness goals and extend longevity.

Golf & Rotational Sports

Increase mobility, strength and speed required to maximize power and consistency in golf and other rotational sports.

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Service Options

 All training available virtually

Small group training (virtual, in-home, gym, outdoors, golf course)

In home availability based on location (travel fee extra beyond 15 kms)

Online fitness app & program design

Corporate fitness (virtual / in-house / events / team building)

Fundraisers or Golf Tournaments

Nutritional overview , food journal, online tracking

Range of motion assessments

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