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Bringing TPI fitness to Scarboro Golf Club.

Excited to announce that I have joined the Scarboro Golf Club as their TPI fitness pro.

I will be bringing my 15 years of personal training and TPI expertise to help its members move, feel and play better this summer.

The golf swing is an athletic movement that requires a mix of mobility, stability, strength and speed to be able to efficiently produce power and deliver the club in the right sequence. When weak physical links are present, compensations and swing faults will arise.

As well as an increased potential for injury.

With a specialized training approach, you can learn how to optimize your body-swing connection for predictable results in your training outcomes and swing mechanics.

The TPI training system, focuses on building a solid foundation of stability and mobility in order to safely increase your strength and speed. You end up learning how your body moves, where are your limitations and what exercises prescriptions is best suited for you at the moment.

I look forward to sharing my knowledge with a new golfing membership and a great team of swing coaches at Scarboro Golf Club.


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