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Move, Feel, Play Better

Advance Form Fitness implements a specialized training model to help you assess and train smart in order to optimize performance in the gym, sport and life. 

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Get Results Faster

Come find out how to take command of your healthy living goals and achieve your desired fitness goals.

Our goal is to make you Move, Feel and Play Better!



 with freedom and confidence.



connected to your body and experience less pain.



your sport or activity with more power and consistency.

My Story

"Working with Eric has transformed the way I train. Full Stop. He has helped me to better understand connections in the body, balance in movement and how to build strength from the core outward. I feel stronger, healthier and more resilient than ever.  I’m also hitting the ball further on the golf course which doesn’t hurt either. His approach is flexible and tailored to your needs and the results speak for themselves." – Tim M

Training Methods

Training Methods



Get Connected!

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